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    Orologio Digitale Parete LED Sveglia Calendario Display Temperatura Decorazione

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    Prodotto spedito da un Partner La Maison Smartech

    Descrizione Prodotto

    Modello: Sveglia digitale da parete.


    • Grandi numeri LED;
    • 10 livelli di regolazione della luminosità;
    • Luminosità di regolazione automatica intelligente;
    • Impostazione remota;
    • Doppi allarmi;
    • Ora di visualizzazione: 12 ore/24 ore;
    • Temperatura;
    • Calendario;
    • Funzione di memoria;
    • Peso netto: 0,4 kg/0,6 kg;
    • Dimensioni dell'orologio: - Modello 1: 38,7x3,2x13cm;
                                               - Modello 2: 32x2,8x10,5cm;
    • Alimentazione: CC (spina non inclusa). 

    Il set contiene:

    • 1 orologio;
    • 1 cavo USB da 3 metri;
    • 1 telecomando;
    • 2 chiodi da muro;
    • 1 manuale di istruzioni.

    L'orologio deve essere collegato alla presa di alimentazione per funzionare. 


    Reso a 30 Giorni

    La nostra policy prevede un termine di 30 giorni per i resi.

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    Orologio Digitale Parete LED Sveglia Calendario Display Temperatura Decorazione

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Jaleel Gibson

    It feels smaller than the picture.

    Berenice Streich

    It works well and good.
    If it was a disadvantage, if it was wireless,
    I think it was the best.

    Tremaine Medhurst

    It's good.

    Andre Rosenbaum

    It works well, it's nice and it's good, but the cable I sent you is not good.

    Jeffry Bergnaum

    5-day delivery Sept. 5 purchase, lunch arrival Sept. 11. 1 day excess. Air cap packaging inside the outer black vinyl packaging. Peel off product coated paper box. When opened, there are cables and various sub-materials, and the product and Chinese manual and Korean translation in the air cap packaging. Enclosed the manual. The product finish is good and the cost is good. Two alarm can be set. Countdown/timer settings are also available. The picture looks faint, but in fact it is a clear white LED. It is highly visible, so the brightness should be lowered in the evening. There is an automatic brightness control mode. Remote control battery is equipped with, anti-discharge transparent plastic film inserted, removed when in use. Watch body battery with separate zipper bag packaging. The battery standard is a CR2032 standard lithium battery that is easily available in our country. (specifications used a lot on the car smart key) the cable is also long and the body rear cable mounted design and four-way cable home. The material is remote control (including CR2032 battery), Cable (Stepper plug for one watch body, one USB A type terminal), battery for body (CR2032), two support for wall hanging, paper strip for support, chinese Manual, Korean Manual. Power is necessarily cable connection. The body battery is set when the power cut off memory. Need to buy 5V 1A adapter separately. 5V 1A This is a possibility of a fault in long-term use of the Farmer Depter. The disadvantage is the durability of the cable. The thin and soft cover thickness is as much as the risk of disconnection, attention to bending. Cable connector not fully inserted. (Metal terminal exposure contact unstable/missing attention), the body button/Remote Control setting sound. There is temperature (up to 2-3 degrees)/visual error (getting faster). Soak when removing the main body battery. (note metal terminal breakage)