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    Bicicletta Elettrica Pieghevole 20 pollici Motore 1000 W 40 km/h 48 V 15 Ah Rimovibile Batteria Litio 7 Velocità

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    Prodotto spedito da un Partner La Maison Smartech

    Descrizione Prodotto

    Modello: Bicicletta elettrica pieghevole da 20 pollici.

    • Pneumatici: 20x4.0;
    • Trasmissione: Shimano 7 velocità;
    • Batteria: batteria al litio rimovibile 48V 15AH;
    • Potenza motore: motore brushless ad alta velocità 500W/1000W 48V;
    • Velocità massima: 35 km/h (motore 500 W), 40 km/h (motore 1000 W); 
    • Tipo di freno: freno a disco;
    • Distanza di guida senza assistenza: 35-45KM (con 1 batteria);
    • Distanza di guida con assistenza: 70-90 km;
    • Livello di assistenza elettrica: 5 livelli;
    • Altezza adatta: 1,6 M-2,0 M adulto;
    • Tempo di ricarica: 6-8 ore, supporta 1000 cicli di ricarica;
    • Materiale: materiale in lega di alluminio;
    • Tipo di sospensione: sospensione completa;
    • Peso della bicicletta: 29,3 G;
    • Peso dell'imballaggio: 36,2 kg;
    • Carico massimo: 150 kg;
    • Dimensioni dell'imballaggio: 145x70x30 cm.

    I pneumatici fuoristrada larghi 20" x 4" si adattano a sabbia, neve e altri terreni complessi.






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    La nostra policy prevede un termine di 30 giorni per i resi.

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    Bicicletta Elettrica Pieghevole 20 pollici Motore 1000 W 40 km/h 48 V 15 Ah Rimovibile Batteria Litio 7 Velocità

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Ashlynn Cummings

    The seller is super!!! Bike Super! !! Did not cheat. 10 days before delivery! I recommend it to everyone! For the price-fantastic!!!!

    Zena Treutel

    Everything works. On the Go did not try. If something goes wrong, I'll write additions.

    Clovis Predovic

    Very good. Good quality. Easy construction very fast. I like it.

    Velda Schmitt

    Before this experience of using 3 years purchased in Russia-electro multivat. Kilowatt electric Oval, direct motor. In the current realities, the price in Russia is at least 120 tr. On this review I think will be as useful as possible for those who are going to buy. Compared today.
    1) fat package. Headlight, stop included. On the first collective farm himself.
    2) Good battery. On the purchased in the RF (the battery actually corresponds to the declared characteristics) 12A/H, in the new 15A/h. Did not strongly believe the seller when buying, but the weighing showed 200g of difference. This is applied 5 18650 batteries. If my hands reach, I will measure the capacity (add the review), there is equipment for this.
    3) an adjustable assistant. On the multivate only through dances around the controller.
    4) the location of the brakes. On the left is the rear, on the right is the front. Who described it as a minus, believe it. But believe it is more convenient (2nd week on crutches due to the fact that on the multivate on the contrary =)
    5) Lightning delivery. Send by business lines. Ordered 24-June, arrived on 8 July (2023 year, Saturday). From Krasnodar to Baikal. But business without jambs cannot. 10-11-12 July (Mon-Vt-Wr) waiting to "sit" on the phone. After relaxed. In general, the 15th called, the canary in the business declares-"it is written from you that you do not take the pipe." Let's say that Th-Fri missed one of the calls, they call me constantly at work, is it difficult to call me back? Track the track number yourself. Wrote this circumstance in SS. The seller at Max pays for very fast shipping.
    1) cheap: footboard, seat, pedals (in fact = footrest, believe them-do not wake up, but not nice). Today the second last replaced with purchased in his city. Essentially led in value, in China = penny. Here it is definitely more expensive. Maybe the seller will read this feedback and listen. 2000r in the final cost will not affect any way, and those who bought will be much more pleasant.
    2) led brooding. Many wrote that 0,5-1 SEC thinks during acceleration. I don't know what the matter is, in the controller or the geared motor, but I was ready for this, having read the reviews.
    3) The Frame "not bent". It will be more difficult to jump =)
    4) 2 PCs key. This is the hard. 1-on battery. At the same time it (at least from me) is not extracted in the on position. The second in the ignition on the steering wheel. Was it necessary to bother like that? Different keys =( 1 pcs per battery is more than enough…
    In general, very satisfied with the purchase. I recommend everyone. +/-wrote as is.

    Brian Bergstrom

    Bike bomb! Beautiful, light, not complex. Pulls like an electric locomotive, takes off on the slides easily, without stress. Developed a speed of 47 km/h, it no longer works. I think this LED is not for speed and is intended. He has other tasks. It is a little unclear with the adjustment of the front fork, why there are different flags on the right and left. Well, I think I'll figure it out. Delivery 10 days ahead of time, which is very nice. The order is tracked by China, then after a while in Russia. I am satisfied with the product, I recommend it to everyone. The seller is responsible and honest and open.